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WHY Shaklee NOW

This is me with the Reverend Doctor Kathryn Williams,

otherwise known as Mom. 


Sharon and Mom

I was inspired to find a means of creating more income to maintain her in the comfort she deserves after a huge lifetime of service to others and groundbreaking accomplishments.  

My search led me to some new friends, young entrepreneurs who combine working from home and traveling and seem to be having a lot of fun!  They had done all the research and work and made it easy to choose Shaklee.

Participating in the Shaklee program allowed me to create a more comfortable life for my mother, lessening her pain from various ailments with Shaklee nutrition. 

I am committed to each of us nurturing our precious bodies and our precious planet to whatever our maximum ability is.  

Aging is a gift.  And a huge challenge.  Definitely not for wimps!  Vitalizer, Vivix, NutriFeron and Life Shake feed my body every day.  To stay athletic at any age is my goal.  YOUTH and Enfuselle products feed my face and my vanity!  I like the compliments and you will too.

I invite you to change your products to change your life.  I welcome the chance to help you live your dream.


Sharon Williams

Fierce Age